Malaysia Creative Tech Industry: Breaking Boundaries with Creative Technology.

Traditionally, education in Malaysia has focused on academics. It is not usual for creativity to be encouraged. However, Lim Kok Wing University is a classic example of a shift in the traditional mindset from an academic to a creative one.

The Malaysian university of Lim Kok Wing’s ethos is centered on innovation. The 22 year-old university is the first private Malaysian university and runs in over 14 countries, consisting of over 160 international students. This in itself is an innovation.

This spirit of innovation is touching all corners of Malaysian culture and recent developments and ideas are bringing this creative industry into the limelight.

The Malaysia Tech industry specialises in games and animation, but their main strength is in art and design. They are an exporter of high-income products which are developed in Malaysia and can be used overseas. And one of the aims of the creative industry in Malaysia is to produce technology in the same way to sell to the world.

For example, Infinite Motion is a creative content production studio specialising in CG Animation participating in the Malaysia Creative Technology. Producer and Managing Director Abdul Rahman Sallehudin has directed over 250 episodes and he and his team have recently produced Malaysia’s first ever animated musical, titled, Oh! La La.

The Malaysia Creative Tech Showcase has joined London Technology Week because London is seen as a portal to the global market, explains CEO of Capital TV, Mr Noor Azman Yusof.

Malaysia aims to become part of the global network and to do so they are looking to understand how they can improve their products for a global audience, find a way of promoting what is already available and to meet with people who are willing to partner with their industry.

Tiffanee Marie Lim, Vice President, Brand, Creativity and Talent Development, Limkokwing University says: “The UK is an innovation saturated market, and so it was very exciting for us, from the developing world to learn from the innovative mindsets here in the UK”.

Malaysia is doing their best to appeal to international markets such as the UK. As Malaysia builds partnerships with various countries they ask for feedback on the products that have been made in Malaysia. The Deputy Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI), Dr. Abu Bakar says: “When you are in Malaysia you feel like the product is perfect because you are still inside your local environment”.

By coming to the UK and being a part of London Technology week Malaysia Creative Tech Industry are able to get feedback on products and learn from those that have innovative mindsets.

People may ask how Malaysia has been able to take such a leap in the creative sector. Mr Yusof says: “There is no short cut to success, it’s about learning to walk before you run”.