Rahman Artdreams

For 30 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to dabble in and work across a veritable smogasbord of design spectrums, including but not limited to; Animation, illustration, Graphic Design, Advertising, Television and Film production, Painting, Sculpture and Interior Design. I take great pride in my ability to combine various types of media in an affort to create original pieces. In working this way, I am able to apply my skills in a variety of different methods, allowing my work to change and evolve accordingly both in visual and functional terms.

There are several upsides to working in this manner as it increases the potential of each individual design to be able to resonate with casual viewers and art connosieurs alike and it is the challenge brought forth by a new project which demands new ideas that I constantly strive and live for.

This page will provide you with a look into all the artwork I have produced over the years.
Happy viewing!