A tale of love, brotherhood and the power of music, Oh! La La is Malaysia’s first feature-length animated musical brought you by the vision of Dato’ Abdul Rahman Sallehudin and the manpower of local youths behind his in-house animation studio, Infinite Motion Sdn. Bhd, a leading provider of local animated offerings.

In the director’s ever-present desire to share his thoughts and experiences of film making in a fledgling industry, this book was produced as an in-depth guide and personal look into the business of animation from the very first sketches to the very last edit and is recommended reading for animation students or those hoping to penetrate the field.

With ninety-four pages in full color detailing the process of creating this work of art, no expense is spared in showcasing the characters and the world of Oh! La La in all its splendor as well as the time and effort it took to turn this sprawling vision into reality.

Here are the part of The Art of OH! LaLa.

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